• Historic Beauty with Modern Protection

    Historic Beauty with Modern Protection

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    Professional application & quality results

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Rutgers Painting offers the industry's best warranties. How long do you want your home to look freshly painted?
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Color & Inspiration

Color & Inspiration

We understand that the right color can make all the difference. We've collected photos and color choices from the homes we've painted and places we've visited to share some inspiration.
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What is Long Lasting Paint?

What is Long Lasting Paint?

We've got the answers, and they're backed up by independent laboratory testing. Find out why our paint goes on thicker than ordinary paint and still breathes and flexes better.
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Why are your friends and neighbors choosing Rutgers Painting for their homes?
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Nicole chose Rutgers Painting.

It’s time to paint the shutters!

2014-10-06 14.29.41

How serious is your painter about lead dust?

RPP epa logo with NAT

The EPA regulates and licenses painting contractors to make sure they are using lead-safe practices when sanding homes built before 1978.  One of the safety regulations requires the use of plastic on the ground to catch paint dust that escapes the vacuums used with sanders.  When the situation calls for it, or there’s a breeze, Rutgers Painting uses vertical containment to ensure paint dust that may contain lead won’t escape.

Preparation has begun on the home pictured below in Maplewood, NJ that was constructed prior to 1978, as were most homes in the state.  An indication of probable wind gusts prompted this painting crew to deploy their huge, blue tarp.

When selecting your painting contractor, always confirm that they are an EPA lead safe certified firm and ask them how they plan to contain the paint dust generated by sanders and scrapers.

A tarp from roofline to the ground helps contain paint dust that may contain lead.

A tarp from roofline to the ground helps contain paint dust that may contain lead.

Preserving History: Rutgers Painting at the Crane House

Crane House plaque

The paint was failing on the Montclair Historical Society’s Israel Crane House.  Built in 1796, The Crane house needed careful attention, so hiring the right painting contractor was essential.  Rutgers Painting’s 22 years of painting expertise and 25 year warranty paint system was the society’s choice.

Work began this week with our crew carefully stripping away layers and layers of old, failing paint. The transformation has begun!  Find out more about the Israel Crane house: Montclairhistorical.org

Failing paint on the Israel Crane house, built 1796.

Failing paint on the Israel Crane house, built 1796.

Paint stripping begins on Crane House

Crane house during the preparation process


Rev Run’s Renovation marathon tonight on DIY!


Tonight on DIY!  All 10 episodes of Rev Run’s Renovation starting at 6:30 pm.  Sweet!  We’ll be glued to our TVs at Rutgers Painting, so watch with us and don’t miss any of the drama and stunning reveals as they re-do one room each episode.  (If you’re seeing this post after Saturday, February 1st….you missed it!  But don’t worry, plenty of re-runs of Rev Run are coming!)

My favorite part?  Well, besides seeing the lads from Rutgers Painting rock the walls at Rev’s house?  It’s the way Rev wraps up every episode with some words of wisdom.  Anyone who follows Rev Run on twitter (@RevRunWisdom) knows what I’m talking about…the man has deep thoughts, great insight and knows how to get the point across cleanly and quickly…typically in less than 140 characters.

But, as much as we love the Rev, Justine steals the show.  She is hands-on and is the design powerhouse behind the entire renovation.  Every time Rev balks at one of her bold design ideas, Justine pushes her vision through until everyone admits she was right from the beginning.  Count us as huge Justine fans!

If you hear a mighty cheer in the distance every time a Rutgers Painting shirt is seen on screen….that’s just us.  We’ll try and keep it down.

Rev Run surprises Justine and Rutgers Painting gets to help!



Rev Run tells Justine he’s going to turn the Master Bedroom balcony into a “man cave”.  In actuality, he’s planning a surprise for Justine with some help from Kevin Sheridan from Rutgers Painting.

Watch the Rev Run’s Renovations marathon this Saturday, February 1st stating at 6pm on DIY network.  The last two episodes are premiering at the end of the marathon (with another cameo appearance by Kevin  from Rutgers Painting) and we can’t wait to see how the show wraps up.

Rutgers Painting loves Rev and Justine!  You will, too so watch the show!

Find out more at the show’s official site: http://www.diynetwork.com/rev-runs-renovation/show/index.html

The color choice map

Interior or exterior painting, there’s nothing as frustrating as seeing the wrong color put up in the wrong spot!  Unless you stand around waiting for someone to open the can of paint so you can pounce, how can you as the color master make sure the right shades get put in the right spots?

Draw a map.

interior color plan

We are in the process of painting our office.  Lots of color choices for us and we wanted to make sure it got done right.  After selecting our colors, we drew up a little map and even took little scraps from the color sample book and taped them to the map for easy reference.  We reviewed our color map with the painting crew foreman while we were in our office.  Using the map as reference, we talked for a few minutes about what colors went where as we walked the room.  We leave the map right there, so they can always reference when it’s time to open up another can of paint. Honestly, I want to leave the map there so I can look and make sure it’s right when I’m checking on the progress.  Seven different color choices are tough for me to remember!

So far, the new paint is looking great.  The paint crew knows exactly where each color is supposed to go and I’m confident that when I look out across the room, I’ll be seeing India Trade as intended and not Gropius Gray.

Rutgers Painting featured on 2 more episodes of Rev Run’s Renovation!

revrunWere you planning on going out Saturday night?  Forget it.  Tune in to DIY this Saturday night (January 11, 2014)  for 2 new episodes of Rev Run’s Renovation!  10pm and 10:30pm.

Rutgers Painting is featured in both episodes!  Last week’s premier episode was a big ratings draw for DIY and we’ll be happy to take all the credit.  In reality, everybody is tuning in to see Rev and his family, but we’ll take all the credit anyway.  Yay us!

Seriously, check this show out.  A lot of great design inspiration.  Lots of great in-depth looks into the how-to of the re-do.  Bonus: Discover a lot of New Jersey’s top artisans, craftsmen and companies that are at the cutting edge of home renovation, remodeling and design.

Find out more at the show’s official site: http://www.diynetwork.com/rev-runs-renovation/show/index.html

DIY Network’s new show: Rev Run’s Renovations (with a little help from Rutgers Painting)

Paint guru Kevin Sheridan and the Rutgers Painting team are featured contractors on DIY Network’s new show, Rev Run’s Renovations.  Rev Run and family are remodeling their entire home, one room at a time and sharing all the ups and downs with us.  Rutgers Painting was contacted to paint and provide color consultation to Rev Run and his beautiful wife Justine.

The show premiers Saturday, January 4th @ 10pm.  Check it out!

Justine Kevin Rev Run



The right primer for exterior painting.

There’s a different type of primer for use on just about every surface or stain on a house.  There are unique primers needed for stucco, aluminum, vinyl and wood.  There are different primers needed for the various types of wood siding or shingles used in the homes of New Jersey.  It can get a little complicated, that’s for sure.  Fortunately, we’ve seen every type of house siding and challenge out there and know exactly which primers and top coats to use!

The Priming ExpertsForeman Jairo and his team are applying special primers to cover stains, knots in the wood and nail heads before they apply the full layer of bonding primer.  Now, you might say, “Hey Jairo!  Isn’t that too much primer?  What are you, crazy?”  Jairo would just smile and say, “We never use too much primer.  We always use exactly the amount of primer a house needs.  No more…no less.”  Wow…that dude really knows his primer.

Great exterior paint jobs start with exacting preparation.

Putting a nice, even coat of paint on the trim makes a house look great.  Putting a nice, even coat of paint on the window panes and roof makes customers throw rocks at us.

That’s one of the reasons we spend so much time on plastic coverage and taping.

Plastic and tape in all the right places

We’ve posted a lot of beautiful pictures of completed projects.  Here are a couple of great examples of the careful preparation and coverage we use on our jobsites during the painting process.  Now, we may be a little biased because we’re painters, but we think great plastic coverage can be a thing of beauty as well.

covered windows in berkeley heights

Plastic covering and taping not only keeps paint off non-paintable surfaces, it also keeps wood and paint dust from infiltrating your home during the sanding process.  Keeping dust out of your home is important, especially in homes built before 1978 that may have been coated with lead paint at one time.